Sea Change, 2017

youth project

an independent middle school, Los Angeles, CA

Sea Change was a room-sized, student-created multimedia art installation that addressed the problem of plastic ocean pollution.  A Playa Del Rey beach-clean up was organized as well as a massive collection of recyclable and reusable items to collect trash for the large sculpture. A curriculum was designed around STEAM principles to frame the 3-month pedogogical project. The resulting installation was comprised of mechanical elements including a motorized sculptural "gyre," sound design, video projection, an Archimedes screw, and many other interactive components created by 18 students, 3 teachers, visiting engineers Leif Maginnis and Anthony Okopnik, and parent volunteers.

The Sea Change installation was presented to the public during the school’s STEAM Expo and at The Festival of the Arts. It was later reinstalled at Santa Paula Art Museum for Earth Day 2017.

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