Youth installations - various 

I work with young people to collaboratively design and fabricate installation and sculpture in many capacities, beginning with teaching issue-centered public installation to high school students. I design projects and curriculum with other disciplines such as science and tech, as well as forging community partnerships and highlighting process. Some highlights are shown below. 


History on the Hill was a series of temporary site-specific art installations made by middle school students investigating land formations and natural history, in partnership

with State Parks rangers and archaeologist. The students' artworks invited audiences to bring a native tree species "back to life," see ships sailing on the horizon, identify landmarks, and learn about the past and present of the native Tongva tribe in the Baldwin Hills landscape.  

Sea Change was a student-led multimedia installation project collaboratively produced with 18 middle school students and guest engineers. The project was also exhibited on Earth Day at Santa Paula Art Museum. More info about the project on Plastic Pollution Coalition's blog. 

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