November 11, 2017

public experiment with Los Angeles Road Concerts

National/Washington SW Corner, Los Angeles, CA

As part of Los Angeles Road Concerts, I produced an afternoon of human interactions. Under a large tree, inside a low-fi structure with signage, I offered basic, simple human interactions for 5 cents. A menu of available services suggested activities such as "anonymous 3 minute interaction," "sing a song together," "go ahead and rant at me for 5 minutes," and "wild card: pull a topic out of a hat" with a few guidelines regarding decency and polite interaction with the condition that nothing could be documented, recorded, snapped with an iphone, or posted on any social media. The intention was to have a few moments of unmediated human experience.

Los Angeles Road Concerts presents a showing of site-specific projects from Los Angeles artists in unused public outdoor spaces within walking distance of the intersection of National and Washington Blvds in Culver City on Veterans Day. For one afternoon participating artists will display installations, perform works, host spontaneous readings, and make music in unexpected spaces, such as on the sidewalk, between dumpsters, along streetlamps, as well as inside the audience’s earbuds as they traverse the path of the road concert. A printable map of the day’s events will be available a week before the event at the event website,, along with downloadable art, project descriptions and an interactive map.

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